RF/mmW/Microwave Radio Systems Engineering Online Course

Who should take this online course?

Engineers/Technical Marketing/Job Seekers who are interested:

  • To learn about overall wireless communication systems
  • To gain insight and compute RF/mmW/Microwave Wireless Systems performance parametric figure of merit, KPI
  • To understand the qualitative and quantitative contributions of each building block in the wireless systems
  • To gain architectural knowledge of RF/mmW/Microwave Wireless Systems
  • Product Definition and Roadmap
  • To perform above and beyond in Interview

The most important part of any radio design and development is to define the architecture in such a way that target system requirements can be fulfilled.

5G and IoT technology will be relying on Wireless Digital Communication Technology.

Proper design of RF/mmW/Microwave Radio Systems require a thorough engineering analysis of components’ requirement, such as; AGC, PA, LNA, OSC, VCO, PLL, MODEM, Mixer, ADC, DAC, Filter, and Antenna.

Learn about system architectures, trade off, and RF/Microwave impairments, which enable you to compute SNR for the system at different stages.

Explore Thermal Noise, Non-Linearity, Phase Noise, and Quantization Noise and their qualitative and quantitative impact on the system performance parameters, such as; Sensitivity, EVM, Interfering unwanted signals, ACPR, ENOB, SNR, Eb/N0, BER, VSWR, radiation pattern, polarization, communication link equation, etc.

This is a required course to achieve Radio Communications Certificate Program

Refund Policy

You can drop the course anytime before viewing the full webinar, after registration which provide access to partial view.


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