5G Technology Overview Webinar

Who should take this Webinar?

Engineers/Technical Marketing/Entrepreneur/Job Seekers who are interested:

This course covers 5G target key performance objectives as well as opportunities.  It encompasses spectrum allocations, current vs. 5G technologies, challenges, potential Tx and Rx system architectures.  ORTENGA500 discusses semiconductor technologies involved in realizing 5G HW.  It will justify the need for Stringent Cyber Security.  It will preview 5G antenna requirements and tuning mechanism.  It covers modulation and coding schemes. It demonstrates the convergence of WLAN to 5G Technology.  The course shows the relevance of IoT and 5G.


Refund Policy

You will receive access to agenda and/or partial review and if not satisfied you can drop the course any time before viewing the full webinar, after registration, for full refund.


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