The following services for 30MHz-300GHz RF/mmW/Microwave radio communications devices, applications, and technologies are offered:

  • System analysis, definition, architecture, and design
  • Link Budget Analysis
    • Antenna: Radiation Pattern, SLL, Gain, Directivity, Return Loss, Effective Area, Efficiency
    • Rx Chain: Antenna down to ADC input for systems Gain and impairments such as Thermal Noise, Phase Noise, Intermodulation Distortions, Quantization Noise, Image Rejection (I/Q imbalance), Blocker/Reciprocal Mixing, Filter rejection requirements
    • Tx Chain: From DAC up to PA output for Spectral Regrowth, Quantization/Thermal/Unwanted Noise, Spurious Signals, Gain, Output Power, and Power Control Accuracy, Filter rejection requirements
    • Data Converters, ADC/DAC: Sampling Rates, ENOB, Image Rejection, Dynamic Range, Harmonic Distortions, Spurious Signals
    • BBU/MODEM: Bit-Width computations and Sampling Rates
    • Frequency Synthesizer: PLL noise analysis and transient time response
  • RF Calibration Algorithm
  • Interference and Jammer Management Algorithm
  • HW design and debug
  • Patent review, evaluation, and writing descriptions and drawings
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • RF/mmW/Microwave metrology and debugging
  • FCC regulatory compliancy evaluation
  • Frequency Planning
  • Module and Subsystems design and development
  • Signal and Power Integrity
  • Thermal Management in Package Design and Routing
  • Customer Support

Product Application coverage

  • Mobile devices such as Tablet and Smart Phone
  • Base Stations and Infrastructures
  • Satellite Communications Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Radar Systems Electronics
  • Automotive Telematic Systems Electronics

Radio Technology coverage

IC Design

  • Sensor interface: buffer, trans-capacitance amplifier, etc.
  • Low-power analog: amplifiers, comparators, VCO, filers
  • Mixed-signal Design: ADC, DAC for ultra low-power to high-speed, sigma-delta, continuous-time or switched-capacitors sigma-delta and filters
  • DSP Design from system-level specification to fixed-point design and implementation, RTL generation & verification
  • RF/mmW Design: LNA, down-converter  and up-converter mixer, PA driver, and PA


  • ADS, Cadence, Matlab, Simulink with various toolboxes


  • Set up top-down design methodology and analog-digital interface for fast project execution and verification

Architecture design

  • Create innovative and efficient system-circuit architectures tailored to customer needs